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What would happen if we really
gave peace a chance?

Today our world is in great turmoil. Religious violence, brazen intolerance and rising nationalism are dominating the news today.  Our country is divided and many of us live with increased fear and anxiety about the future.  There are no easy answers to the challenges of peaceful coexistence in a fractured world characterized by multiple competing beliefs and narratives.

We need hope now more than ever. Five years in the making and still a work-in-progress, INTERFAITH: the Musical is a celebration of our religious and cultural diversity. The story and songs offer a rare opportunity for us to laugh and cry at our foibles, heartaches and the current state of the world — even as we take our faith seriously.

MEET ME THERE - the Interfaith Musical takes you on a journey of self-discovery and asks some provocative questions that you may have never considered before.

* How important is your faith and tradition?

* What would you be willing to give up for love?


          Your relationship with your children?


          Your parents?


          A place in your community?


These are just some of the issues you’ll explore as you listen to the story and songs of 


Cast in Action.jpeg

Destined to take its place in the tradition of great Broadway musicals, MEET ME THERE is an homage to our changing human landscape, and a celebration of our religious and cultural diversity.  The lyrics and music reflect our new multi-cultural, interreligious reality, and the central story — a cross between Fiddler on the Roof and West Side Story — will tug at your heart long after the curtain goes down.

When will it be on Broadway? Soon, we hope. But, we need your help.

Be one of the first to purchase the Anniversary 2 CD-edition of MEET ME THERE - the Interfaith Musical, autographed by Ruth Broyde Sharone, and help us get the show on the road.  The sale of every CD will help us fund the cost of producing the musical.

Listen to a medley of the songs for FREE. Check out the video marked Medley in the video gallery below.

Then, purchase the Anniversary 2-CD edition at the special $35 price.

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