"...directly from the heart of God...."

People are raving about INTERFAITH: The Musical...

"I think this musical is directly from the heart of God and is being channeled by Ruth Broyde Sharone, the most talented person I know."

Tahdi Blackstone,

Founder/Director of the LA Chapter of


moving…  hilarious…        thought-provoking… exciting… relevant… dramatic… poignant… enlightening… 
Here's What People Are Saying

The harmonies are delicious and the voices exquisite! The lyrics do justice to many faith traditions and - far from a shallow kumbaya - dare to address existential concerns. I was profoundly moved and impressed by the lyrics: serious, yet witty and amusing. These songs are on par with (and remind me of) my two favorite musicals: Fiddler on the Roof and Hair.

Revital Samekh Goldreich, Stained-Glass Artist

Wishing the music and lyrics would never end... INTERFAITH: The Musical is a highly important work -- a movement's call for international understanding and love amongst all people. It should be performed on all the Broadways of this world, and in every school, every mosque, synagogue and church. BRAVISSIMA !!!!!

Carol Soucek King, MFA, Ph.D.Founder, Salon for the Spiritually Creative Life

Never have I believed so strongly in an artistic expression as I do in this musical. It is truly inspired and gives rise to deepening thought and to deeper understanding.  As soon as I heard the variety of songs, of rhythms, which are truly catchy, and the words, which draw us together in the Human Predicament, I knew I wanted to support this effort which could work to build understanding and bring the world together into shared peace.  I see this traveling throughout the world on major stages everywhere with rave reviews.  Blessings, Ruth, on your creative brilliance.  Thank you for bringing this to the world.

Rev. Jan Chase, Unity Minister and Interfaith enthusiast

Hilarious and true songs a bout a new age of interfaith and hybrid identities, which could bring more peace to this troubled earth. Be part of the solution and support this funny, moving and thought-provoking new musical.  My kids fell in love with the songs, know most of the lyrics by heart and go around the house singing them.

Yuval Ron, Oscar-winning composer/musician


Lyrics, lyrics, lyrics!  That's what grabbed me the most about this musical. The music is written to allow the audience to understand the lyrics and wrestle with the interfaith dialogues presented. Ruth gives it to us straight, but in the kindest, most positive way. She seems to say, "We all may experience life differently, but there is a way to get along!  Really, there is!"

Eric Jennings, Music Historian and Interfaith Minister


I have been enjoying listening to all the incredibly crafted lyrics and their memorable melodies. What a treasure is the whole package! I cannot wait to see it live on Broadway, and then perform in it when it is available for smaller venues.

Mary Anne Bennett, Entrepreneur

INTERFAITH: The Musical is so exciting! The talented Ruth Broyde Sharone has written what promises to be a future Broadway play!  It is alive, enlightening, and most of all informative. You will have a consciousness-raising experience!  Ruth, you are AMAZING and have a real WINNER here!

Rev. Shayna Lester, Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Director

Ruth is a most amazingly gifted lady who is now creating an interfaith musical, the first of its kind  We listened to the exciting and vital songs and were blown away.  We bought the CD and have played the music at a interfaith talks here in England. We are very excited and really look forward to more of this creative musical.

Rev. Marcus and Mary Braybrooke, President and Vice-President, World Congress of Faiths, England

There is so much human tenderness, humor, wisdom, truth, hope morality, longing, all presented in an empathetic manner, and all with that traditional Broadway beat! So clever and hilarious! So many different ideas, rhythms and music.  Real genius, Ruth!

Jan Chaffee, Interfaith activist

The music and lyrics are timely, timeless, and fun--all qualities a good musical show must have. Equally important, without being didactic or preachy in any way, the songs touch a common human cord.  Like FIDDLER ON THE ROOF which has a universal message and worldwide appeal, INTERFAITH: The Musical has a universal message and worldwide appeal.  It has the potential to transcend man-made boundaries and touch the universal.  BRAVO!

Lael Belove, Founder YES Innerprizes/Yes Salon

INTERFAITH: The Musical will reach you in places you didn't know you had; it will teach you, amuse you, and probably confuse you; it will inspire you and cause you to question as well as celebrate the great human tapestry we call FAITH in all its wisdom and weakness.

Rev. Doris Davis, Interfaith Minister, Free-lance mystic

The songs are dramatic, comical and poignant--in sum, deeply moving. We laughed and cried hearing songs with titles like: What If My Children Go Astray, Spiritual But Not Religious, Blasphemy, Why Can't Science and Religion Be Friends? and There Ain't No Monopoly on Spirit.

Rev. Paul Chaffee, Editor, THE INTERFAITH OBSERVER

The lyrics of INTERFAITH: The Musical are brilliant and the voices are terrific. Ruth, you are a gifted lyricist/producer and have created a heartfelt, witty, clever musical dialogue for all of us to enjoy.

Maureen Cruise, Atheist, nurse and health activist

Not only the melodies and excellent performances, but the words that are so important and relevant to our time, and the sense of humor that accompanies the musical . . I am looking forward to seeing it on Broadway!

Era Thompson, Interfaith activist

This is a truly inspired work of art, with its lever lyrics and wonderful, catchy tunes. Ruth manages with great wit and panache to capture both the excitement and the challenge of the contemporary interfaith landscape.  As such, it deserves to have the broadest possible hearing on its way--hopefully-to Broadway. It is guaranteed to amuse, uplift and challenge its listeners, as Ruth does in person and through her interfaith work.

Prof. Joseph Prabhu, Professor of Philosophy, Cal State University